Stephen Kenn

Project details

  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Packaging


We love working with Stephen Kenn Studio on the various needs they come to us with: A new set of look books to showcase their collections, a low volume and economical packaging solution for The Encounter Collection accessories, and an instructional book to educate users on how to use their new travel cocktail kit.


The look books needed to work independently, but also complement each other as a pair. We worked with Stephen Kenn and photographer Amy Bartlam to art direct and style the photography, as well as create a cohesive vision throughout the books. 

For packaging, we wanted to keep costs low yet maintain a variety of options. We developed a simple belly band system by utilizing only 2 foil dies and 6 unique sized belly bands. We created a small SK brand discovery moment. We stamped one of our favorite lines from the Stephen Kenn Encounter Collection film“Don’t live to get money. Have a few things, but make them good things.” on the inside of each money pocket.