La Kretz Innovation Campus

Project details

  • Brand Identity
  • Branded Environment
  • Campaign
  • Illustration


Los Angeles is a leader in sustainability and is committed to transitioning away from coal towards renewable energy sources by investing in energy efficiency and the sustainability of water supplies. We were tasked to partner with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the mayor’s office, and a team of other creatives to design an educational workspace highlighting the City of Los Angeles’ commitment to sustainability.


La Kretz Innovation Campus is nestled in Downtown LA’s Arts District and is a dedicated space where science, entrepreneurship, environmentalism, and policymaking merge to advance the development of a sustainable future that includes clean and abundant water supplies, a commitment to 100% renewable energy, and an inclusive green economy. It is also a showcase for labs, working exhibits, and educational opportunities for the community. It offers ways to save money, conserve water and electricity, and learn valuable information on rebates available to all LADWP customers. We worked along side LRLA and Cinnabar to create clear communication informing the community, stakeholders, and government officials of LADWP’s and mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan.