Project details

  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Campaign
  • Copy Writing
  • Illustration
  • Web Design


The team at Puppo came to us looking to re-brand with the goals of attracting a new audience of pet parents and to stand out in the fast-growing D2C dog nutrition market. They wanted to find a new voice that was caring, educational and accessible while simultaneously leveling-up their visual identity.


Building upon their existing wordmark we created a logomark, color palette, typography system, illustrations, icons and photography style. The new brand strikes a balance between playful and welcoming while also being informative and scientific. Our solution positions Puppo as the caring pet partner for every pet parent. The tone of voice and copy strikes the balance of informative, caring, and direct with a smile:) 

We designed 40+ icons to quickly communicate the benefits and features of each ingredient. These icons also play well with our signature Puppo illustrations that were designed to retain the sense of joy our pups bring. Puppo’s nutritional services are custom formulated for each dog, so we created a design system that accommodates the personalization of each bag to be printed on demand. We designed  a pre-printed layer containing all evergreen information, and then an additional customized layer which is printed based on each individual dog’s details from their name and photo, to sensitivities and ingredients. We completed the rebrand by applying the new identity to their packaging, postcards, booklets, ecommerce, and swag to make it fun-as-heck, informative, and instagrammable.