Yes Plz by LocoL

Yes Plz is a partnership between the revolutionary fast food chain LocoL and coffee legend Tony Konecny.

Yes Plz believes that good coffee should be for everyone, not just a “self-selecting group” of epicures. This thought informed our approach: we wanted to create a fun, simple brand that was accessible and affordable to translate and apply.

We took inspiration from 80’s graffiti artists, Keith Harring and Japanese packaging. We created the quirky fun face that is represented in the primary vertical logo. We ultimately hand painted the logo to give it the unique texture and details we were looking for.

The ultimate business goal is to be able to sell affordable coffee in large quantities so collateral costs had to be next to nothing. Off the shelf bags and avery labels can’t be beat. We then decided to make the brand color simply: Yellow.  The team can purchase anything in a generic stock yellow available and brand it. We loved this simple approach to brand, putting the accessibility as the highest priority while creating a recognizable brand that can bend.

The result is a corky identity that matches its customers and stays true to its beliefs and roots.

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