As a leader in behavioral health, Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) needed to revamp its outdated brand and website for the present day. They needed a compelling brand that was as effective as its services. Their results needed to be elevated, their research needed to be absorbable, and their communication needed to be humanized so that their audience could understand and engage with the vital work MDFT provides to families across the globe.


While the previous brand was primarily focused on data and research, these numbers, charts, and graphs represented real youth, their families, and the barriers they have overcome. These are powerful stories that we wanted to bring to life and humanize through photography. The level of proven effectiveness MDFT can provide in youth treatment is unsurpassed and this needed to be displayed. We began with organizing, designing, and clarifying MDFT’s complex random clinical trials for their audience to effectively digest. Next, we created a cohesive brand that simultaneously produces an emotional connection to their work and effectively displays their services. We then finalized MDFT’s brand refresh by designing a modernized, professional, and accessible identity for government agencies, therapists, and families to connect with.

From our first conversation with Weekday Studio, they set out to be real partners with us in rebranding our evidence-based treatment approach for youth and families. They took the time to deeply understand our work, our values, and our goals; respected our expertise and experience; and at the same time challenged us to think in new ways. We feel as if the entire collaboration with Weekday has permanently encouraged us to be more open to new and different ideas. The team really listened to us and understood what we needed and they delivered! Not only do we love our new brand and website, we all thank Weekday Studio for transforming our look and making it easier for clients and families to access our resources.”

—Gayle A. Dakof, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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