Los Angeles Whisky Club

Brand Identity, Campaign, Marketing Collateral


To create an identity for a new club of young whiskey enthusiasts. The Los Angeles Whisky Club is a group of young, professional, millennials of varying whiskey expertise. They love whisky, but aren’t snobs or know-it-alls about it. They primarily just love to drink whisky and are excited to learn everything about it. They wanted a brand identity that reflected them- modern and refined, yet welcoming and inclusive.  


Whiskey has been produced for thousands of years and we didn’t want to depart from all of the heritage that it brings. We chose a traditional art direction, leaning the visuals toward a more heritage and even nostalgic backdrop while keeping the whisky center stage. The typeface is what we chose to bring the modern quality to the brand that gives the identity a perfect old-and-new aesthetic. To keep the brand down-to-earth and accessible we designed lick-on tattoos, bold graphics and plenty of exclamation points (!) to re enforce that while not everyone loves whisky, everyone who does is welcome to join the club.

Photography by Laurel Dailey.

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