LA Design Festival

Positioning, Brand Identity, Wayfinding, Campaign, Marketing Collateral


Creating an identity that’s worthy of showcasing the amazing talent and diversity the city of LA has while also making it inclusive and inviting for everyone to participate and enjoy. The design needed to be able to effectively communicate and promote the LA Design Festival in all its unique characteristics: it’s the only citywide festival of its kind, featuring more than 50 events over the course of four days throughout LA. From architecture and interiors to graphic, industrial, fashion, set, costume, and experiential design, the festival showcases the best of the local design scene.


Design every single aspect of the identity utilizing elements exclusively born out of LA,  all the way down to the font (which is “Sunset,” a painterly sans-serif rendered in the tradition of Los Angeles sign painters designed by Ben Critton of Colophon). We wanted to differentiate this festival from others by emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and a welcoming tone. This was brought to life by the “Design is for Everyone” campaign, with original signage, wayfinding, advertising, and event newspaper. We featured all of the varying types of designs and designers to showcase the diverse range of the city and reflect LA’s many cultures, backgrounds and talent.

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