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Brand Identity, Ecommerce Design, Campaign, Packaging, Trim, Animation


Inspired by KNOWN SUPPLY’s mantra of “who makes it matters” we set out to create an identity that drew attention to the people behind each product. Our goal in this was to cultivate a unique relationship between the consumer and creator.

The Strategy

The topic of ethical clothing obviously carries an inherent weightiness to its narrative. With KNOWN SUPPLY, however, we chose to focus on the brand as a solution, rather than simply restating the problem itself.

As a result, KNOWN SUPPLY’s imagery conveys a story that is personal, transparent, and life-affirming — reminding people that they aren’t just customers, but heroes in this story.

The customer is predominantly female (80%), college-educated, value-driven, and charitable. In order to appeal to this demographic, we chose an aesthetic that was stylistically neutral, but never dull. Following this minimal approach, we were able to create a complementary dynamic that accentuated the wonderful faces behind each product.

The Execution

The identity reflects the humanity found in having a KNOWN SUPPLY. In particular, the “human” icon stands as a trusted stamp of approval — reminding customers that their products are made with dignity, hope, and compassion for others. Given its subtle quality, the icon can exist quietly within the wordmark or be separated to unveil its true meaning.
To help further this sense of human connection, each maker handwrites their name onto the labels of the products they’ve created. And if customers would like to learn more about each maker, all they need to do is find the name attached to each garment label (or the names found on lifestyle imagery) and search for them on KNOWN SUPPLY’s website. After all, “who makes it matters.”

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