Hele Hawaii

Brand Identity, Marketing Collateral, Web Design, Illustration, Animation


Being from Hawaii, Hele began as a passion project for Weekday Studio. Currently still in conception, the goal of Hele is to create a curated travel experience for visitors to discover and rediscover today’s Hawaii in a respectful way. We’re working towards designing a modern identity, user experience, and resource guide that caters to a new generation of travelers. While people may have pre-conceived ideas of Hawaii, it’s always evolving and growing. The goal of Hele is to show that there’s a piece of Hawaii for everyone, and Hele will help you find it.


We designed an elevated identity that remains accessible and diverse. The name “Hele” in Hawaiian translates in English to “Go”, and serves as a call to action. We developed a  customer survey that curates each Hawaii vacation based on how participants like to travel, their budget, and which island(s) they’re traveling to (and if they don’t know yet, we help them decide!). The survey results pull from our extensive business and resource database to suggest Hele’s top recommendations, for free! There is one word above all others that Hele believes all tourists need to adhere to when visiting: respect. This tone is made clear throughout, alongside engaging design, language, and guidance that educates visitors not only on where to go, but also how to respect the host culture. Hele is also concepted to consist of:

  • An online store of curated items from local Hawaii businesses
  • The “Don’t be that Tourist” guide to not being a kook and avoiding getting cracks
  • An interactive children’s book that both educates and documents younger visitor’s experiences
  • The Hele blog with updated news, recommendations, and tips

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