Color Camp Brand Identity

Color Camp was looking to build a brand that would position themselves to become the leading manicure bar, period.

We started the project off by taking a deep dive into understanding Color Camp’s business and marketing goals in both the short and long term. Our initial assumptions were that we ourselves just might be the target audience. Just after our initial meetings, this was quickly confirmed and we rejoiced at the opportunity to design something for ourselves and a space that we would become regulars at.

Color Camp’s short term goal was to open their first location in West Hollywood while being strategic with their long term goals of opening up multiple locations spread across the entire country. Once we understood both scopes of this, we set off to design a brand that would be trendy (but not narrow), timeless, and translatable.

We created a bespoke logo made of circles and squares inspired by geometric nail art. The ombre color palette was inspired by the beautiful LA sunsets we’re fortunate to have year-round. For the launch campaign, we showcased the diversity of women and their unique styles, tastes in fashion, and nails that all fit the bill of the quintessential LA cool girl. 

We designed a website that makes it easy for users to book an appointment, learn about Color Camp’s services, and walk away an understanding of Color Camp’s uniqueness.

As a new brand, Color Camp is competing with both the local-corner nail salon as well as trendy salons across the city of LA. Color Camp knew they had to come in with a completely different style – uber hip, clear and concise communication, and forward-thinking technology.

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